Bishop Creighton House has changed its operating name to The Creighton Centre with effect from June 2023.


A small charity with a big impact

Safer Homes - Children

Home Safety

We carry out home safety assessments and provide advice, literature and equipment, which we fit.  This can include safety gates, cupboards catches and window restrictors. This service is free for H&F families who receive a means tested benefit and have a child under the age of five or a child with disabilities.

Draught Proofing

Safer Homes can provide and install draught proofing.  This service is available to all H&F residents. The cost to draught proof a door is £5 - £15 and £5 for each window.  A 50% discount is given to those receiving means tested benefits.

Contact Caecilia at Safer Homes, 07523 647999 / 020 7385 9689,